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Sandra J.

On March 5th, a miracle happened! I saw Gerald Vietor because I couldn’t hear well with the hearing aids I purchased in Seattle, WA. Because of the time and dedication he took to “fix” my hearing aids, I can hear for the first time in forty years. I was so overjoyed; I cried & cried.

Kudos to Gary for being so dedicated that he leaves no problem unsolved. I will definitely come to see him on my yearly trip to California so please make sure he is there! While I was with him, my daughters shopped so that is a double bonus. In my mind, Gary is a hero because he analyzed my problem and zoomed in to fix it.

Darin S.

I am pleased to take this opportunity to fully recommend Gerald Vietor of Alliance Hearing Aids in Modesto to dispense/furnish a new pair of hearing aids or — more importantly to me! — repair/reprogram any modern hearing aids. I am a life-long resident of Modesto and have practiced here as a pharmacist for 31 years. Earlier this year, I was growing rather dissatisfied with my current pair of hearing aids due to their age and was looking for potentially life-changing advances in technology over the past 6 years. Through an internet ad, I was referred to Alliance Hearing Aids and Gerald, and I had the full intent to spend a lot of money for an updated pair. As part of the process, Gerald, in addition to the hearing test and set-up/ initial programming of the new pair (on a trial basis), adjusted, refined, and applied the same programming to my current pair, which were fully intended as back-ups. He spent a lot of time with me and was able to dispel several myths, misinformation, and not-so-true claims, advice, and recommendations from… let’s just say big-box dispensers/practitioners. As I used the new pair during the trial period, I also used my old pair off & on. I was very surprised to notice a marked improvement in the performance of what I assumed were outdated hearing aids. Although the new pair had more programs and did have some bells & whistles that were cool, I didn’t care for some other of its features and functions. At the conclusion of the trial period, I decided to pass on the new pair, yet Gerald took a lot of extra time with me that day (at no cost) to fine-tune and rejuvenate my now not so-old hearing aids, a service I was more than willing to pay for. He didn’t have to do this, but he did because he cares about the individual on the other side of his desk and what is best for the person, not monetary gain. I found that his office visit/testing rates to be very fair, and I have a follow-up appointment this summer, which I look forward to!

Sondra L.

What a great place... I've gone to most of the hearing clinics in Modesto during the last 10, 12 years. This man, Gerald Vietor, should have a "Dr." in front of his name. A more thorough, knowledgeable man you can't find. He spends time (weeks if needed) to make sure the hearing aids are the ones you need. Honest and cares about your hearing problems... Enough said.

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