Our Approach

A proper fit is more than hearing technology — it’s a comprehensive approach to care. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter “solutions,” because every hearing difficulty is unique.

When you leave your fitting appointment, you’ll feel good about the answers to the following questions.


What Is the Right Technology for Your Needs?

Working with the world’s best hearing-device manufacturers, you will see a curated selection of technology in a variety of styles that represents the newest, most effective options for optimizing your hearing ability.


Do They Fit?

The devices will have to be put in your ears to ensure they fit. Some are custom made — if they don’t fit your ear canal, your provider will have to exchange them for ones that do. Others have different dome sizes you can try that might ensure a better fit. Making sure you are satisfied with a comfortable set of hearing aids is one of our highest priorities.


Do They Help You Hear Better?

When everything fits, your hearing aid dispenser will program your hearing aids according to the audiogram created at your hearing evaluation. Then you’ll help your provider further fine-tune the settings based on your feedback and input.

The only sounds that get amplified will be the ones that you actually have trouble hearing, which is crucial in hearing your best, and it is one of the main factors that many big box stores, hearing aid chains, and others tend to neglect.


How Do You Use the Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids become more user-friendly every year, but you still need to learn the basics, such as:

  • Changing the batteries or using the charging station
  • Changing programs and adjusting settings
  • Using the features and smartphone app
  • Cleaning and maintaining your devices


What Can I Expect as I Wear Them?

With hearing loss, your brain gets out of practice. That’s why there is an adjustment period — you have to relearn how to hear well. Your brain has to make sense of sounds it might not have heard for years.

Your provider will discuss this in more detail, as well as give you a wearing schedule, so you don’t overdo it.

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